15 Celebrities Who Have Gay Parents

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It seems that contemporary society has managed to make some quite significant progress in technology, medicine, art and the like, but the LGBT society is still facing issues. Fortunately, things are changing (slowly, however they are changing), and being a gay mother or father is a lot more acceptable these days than it was in the not so distant past. Needless to say, you will find A-listers that are straight, homosexual, transsexual or bisexual, and many of them have the need or desire for children. Whether they had children while they had been hiding their sexuality, or they openly brought kids into their family with homosexual partners, there are certain celebs in Hollywood who have homosexual moms and dads, and we bet you didn’t know it!


Resource: www.people.com

Source: www.people.com

1. As you know, Robert DeNiro is one of the most gifted actors in the history of Hollywood. You probably didn’t realize that the two-time Academy Award winner has a gay dad. Robert’s dad was an abstract impressionist painter and he wasn’t recognized much throughout his profession. DeNiros father also divorced his spouse in 1946 and allegedly struggled with being homosexual, making sense because at that time being gay wasn’t accepted whatsoever.

supply: www.lovemarks.com

Source: www.lovemarks.com

2. Natasha Richardson, the belated celebrity and spouse of Liam Neeson, also had a homosexual father. Natashas daddy, manager Tony Richardson ended up being in fact bisexual. He passed away of AIDS related problems at the age of 63, also it was only after he contracted HIV which he revealed his sexual orientation publicly. It is very unfortunate to believe that these folks had to live with such a secret, and as soon as they exposed it these people were never perceived in the same way.



3. According to some sources, 50 Cent’s mom ended up being a lesbian. 50 Cent, who is also called Curtis James Jackson III, said that his mom ended up being a lesbian and a cocaine addict. Sadly, Fiddy’s mother died when he was just 8 years old, at which time he went to live together with his grandparents. When the famous rapper accepted that his mom was gay, his viewpoint on the gay community changed quite a bit, and he openly supported his bi-sexual buddy Frank Ocean.

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

4. Judy Garland ended up being one of many iconic superstars that has lots of connections within the gay community. Not just that Judy ended up being considered a gay icon, but she additionally had so many gay fans she’s even been called the Elvis of the homosexuals. She ended up being married to Vincente Minnelli, who had been rumored as a homosexual. In addition, it’s believed that Judys father, Frank Gumm, had been homosexual also. Frank relocated their family members to California after he was involved in a sex scandal.

supply: www.salon.com

Source: www.salon.com

5. Amy Adams is regarded as instantly lovable but in addition very talented actresses. Amy began the her career with small roles in Smallville, The Office and The West Wing and she has been nominated for the Academy Award 5 times. Amy also has a gay mother- who divorced, became a body builder and reportedly began dating ladies! Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in 2014.

Source: www.zimbio.com

Source: www.zimbio.com

6. Anne Heche‘s life story is not a straightforward one. Anne ended up being well-known for her actions, but she made headlines when she started dating Ellen DeGeneres. Regrettably, the two split and Anne decided to openly share her family story – Anne’s father was bisexual. But she claimed he had been a sexual predator who sexually assaulted the girl. He passed away when Anne was 13 years of age. When she found out he was dying of AIDS, she was afraid she contracted HIV from him.

Resource: www.zimbio.com

Source: www.zimbio.com

7. Rene Russo unveiled a secret about her family members in 2002- she said that lesbians raised her after her father left her mom. She was really raised by her mother along with her mothers girlfriend, and Rene acknowledges they helped her a whole lot because she suffered from a debilitating impairment. Rene developed scoliosis when she was 10, and her family’s support was instrumental in her rehabilitation. Currently living in Los Angeles, Rene has been married since 1992 and has one daughter.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

8. Jodie Foster is another Hollywood legend whose mother, Evelyn Ella Almond, is believed to be gay. Early in her career, there was much speculation about Jodie’s sexual orientation as well. She kind of arrived on the scene as a lesbian while accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013.

Source: www.biography.com

Source: www.biography.com

9. You may not believe this, but Dorothy Dandridge‘s mom was a lesbian. Her moms name was Ruby Dandridge, and she was in quite a long time relationship with her girlfriend Geneva Williams. Geneva helped Ruby raise Dorothy, who grew up to become an actress, dancer, design and a singer. Dorothy was the first black woman to be selected for an Academy Award. Geneva and Ruby helped improve Dorothy’s performing and dance skills, and they obviously did an excellent job.

Resource: www.screenrant.com

Source: www.screenrant.com

10. Jena Malone has a large household. The Hunger Games star once stated that her mother, Deborah Malone, is a lesbian. Deborah along with her girlfriend raised Jena together. The gifted actress also said that she didn’t genuinely believe that it’s unusual that two mothers raised her: Ha, I’ve got two of these! Obviously, Jena is thankful for all the love she got as a child and she always carries photos of her moms.

Source: www.instylewhatsrightnow.wordpress.com

Source: www.instylewhatsrightnow.wordpress.com

11. Liza Minnelli was a gay symbol, exactly like her mom, Judy Garland. Liza’s father may also be homosexual, of course if you paid close attention to everything we have mentioned on this list, you know that Liza’s dad, Vincente Minnelli was often reported being homosexual. Vincente had been a film and theater director and in his biography compiled by Emanuel Levy, Levy claims that Vincente was honestly gay in New York. Based on some resources, among Vincente’s lovers was the sculptor Lester Gaba.

supply: www.zimbio.com

Source: www.zimbio.com

12. Everybody knows Ally Sheedy as a member of the Brat Pack and we liked to see her in movies such as the Breakfast Club, Short Circuit and St. Elmo’s Fire. Ally has a gay parent but additionally, she’s also got a gay child. Ally’s parents divorced when she was just 9 years old. Her mom, Charlotte Sheedy, worked as a literary representative and she came out as gay during the early 80s. Ally’s daughter, Rebecca Sheedy came out as homosexual this year. Ally has a tremendously courageous family!

Resource: www.nbclosangeles.com

Source: www.nbclosangeles.com

13. O.J. Simpson isn’t as popular for his sports achievements as he is for his crimes. The retired football player is still in prison as he was charged with numerous felonies including armed burglary and kidnapping. In 2008, he was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years imprisonment. O.J.s father, Jimmy Lee Simpson, was a drag queen is the San Francisco bay area and he died of AIDS related problems in 1986.

Resource: www.s293.photobucket.com

Source: www.s293.photobucket.com

14. Daniela Sea is an actress, musician, and filmmaker who became highly popular by way of her role as Max Sweeney in the television series The L keyword. Daniela grew up in Malibu, California, where she was raised by hippie parents. When Daniela was very young, her father came out as gay. Her stepfather taught Daniela to surf and they relocated to Hawaii, which inspired her future stage name. The killed actress has come out as homosexual too, but admits she may be bisexual.

supply: www.donegaldiaspora.ie

Source: www.donegaldiaspora.ie

15. Mary Shelley was born in 1797. She was an English novelist, best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein. Marys mother died when she was just eleven days old, and Mary and her older half sister lived with their father. Marys mother, a noted feminist and philosopher, was reported to be gay, which was definitely not an easy thing back the 1700s. We guess that she’d be much happier if she lived these days.


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