15 Things You Can’t Help But Do If You Work In Retail

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If you’re a retail worker then you know how weird it is returning to normality after your shift and taking on the role of a customer.

We understand the struggle of difficult punters so we’ll secretly and more often than not, subconsciously, try to make any fellow retail worker’s life easier.

Whether it’s organizing the clothing rail whilst browsing or making sure you’re super polite when you’re getting served – you can guarantee that fellow retail workers stick out like a sore thumb.

So, whether you’re a bartender or you work in All Saints, you’ll definitely be shouting YAAAAAS at your screen when you see just how relatable these points are…;

15. You Try To Fold Clothes Back Up After Browsing

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Even if you do an absolute rubbish job – you definitely feel better knowing that you’ve saved the girl on the shop floor a 30 second job.