Beautiful Nude Portraits Of A Couple In Their 70s Perfectly Capture How Diverse Love Can Be

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When it comes to love, it conquers all things. Whether it’s age, status, race — love will always find a way.

Arizona-based photographer, Jade Beall, took portraits of Gerry and Darwin, an interracial couple in their 70s who have been together for twenty years.


The photos were posted last June and went viral, immediately receiving positive comments and thousands of shares. Gerry said that she and Darwin “wanted to show that wrinkles and aging, sagging body parts are not barriers to love unless you let them be.”

“Like fine wine or good cheese, we are more fully ourselves and more full of love in our 70s than we ever were in our 30s and 40s,” Gerry adds.


Jade’s photography brand is ‘truthful beauty and self-love.’ Her mission with each photograph is to make every person feel, as she puts it, ‘irreplaceably beautiful.’


“I refuse to accept the widespread (mostly western) human belief system in regards to what is beautiful,” says Jade.

“Why do we accept to believe that one thing must be more than the other? Why cannot we embrace a million-billion definitions of beautiful?”

These portraits have inspired Jade to start a new photography series on beloveds over 60 as a way to free people’s minds from imposed beliefs on love.