Chaos Erupts in Courtroom as Father Attacks Man Who Killed his Daughter During Hearing (VIDEO)

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Its hard to imagine the emotions a father would feel after his 3 year old daughter was killed by a man and his girlfriend. Its easy to imagine said emotions would include extraordinary anger towards the killers.

One father experiencing this couldn’t hold back and unleashed during a hearing in court. The murderer of his daughter was giving a statement after being sentenced and the father took action.

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After his 3-year-old daughter was murdered by her mothers boyfriend, a grieving father was caught on camera attacking the man convicted of killing his little girl.

Dwayne Smith was in court to watch the sentencing of his daughters mother, Jasmine Gordon, and Gordons boyfriend Clifford Thomas. During the sentencing, Smith was meant to read out a victim impact statement. Instead, he became so angry that he rushed over to punch Thomas in the back of the head. Security guards quickly separated the two.

Both Gordon and Thomas were convicted over the death of the 3-year-old girl, Jamila Smith. The toddler died last September after she was rushed to the hospital by her mother. Her death was ruled a homicide after authorities found that her bruises were consistent with abuse to her chest and head.

Gordon was sentenced to seven to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter and 14 to 25 years for first-degree child abuse.

Thomas was sentenced to four to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter and one to two years for resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Video below.