Okay, seriously. This transition from China-time to America-time has still got me running a little exhausted. So please bear with me as I continue to get back into the swing of things! Thankfully I have a few recipes in my archive from before I left that I’m able to share with you like these Chipotle Bacon Ranch Chicken Tacos that I made for the Living Litehouse blog.

I’m seriously a taco-addict. That’s the one thing that I was totally craving while in China. We even went to an American restaurant one night (kind of like Applebee’s) where I ordered fajitas. Seriously. Sometimes you just need a little bit of home when traveling.

If you head on over to the Living Litehouse blog you can get the recipe and some of my tips for feeding a crowd on a budget. I love to entertain but it can get pretty pricey. There are some delicious options that can help keep your budget in check and I have shared my secrets with you and Litehouse. Seriously, head over there to get them!

Get the recipe for Chipotle Bacon Ranch Chicken Tacos.

Chipotle Bacon Ranch Chicken Tacos