Need a Vacation from Your Vacation? These People Do!

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We all have stories of annoying flight delays, lost baggage and mixed up hotel reservations that we relay like travel nightmares to friends and family. Put in perspective, these petty snafus are mere inconveniences compared to some real “worst vacation ever” tales out there. Of course, we would never really advocate forgoing the adventure of travel just because mishaps can happen. After all, accidents occur at home, too. But these three hellish holiday stories will make you shudder. While everyone lived to tell the tale, these are experiences nobody wants on their bucket list.

1. Beware of Lofty Thrills

Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild were two 17 year olds from Indiana vacationing in Panama City, Florida on July 1, 2013. Like many fun-seeking tourists, they thought they’d treat themselves to a parasailing ride. There were high winds, so the operator tried to lower the girls down to safety. However, the rope snapped and the girls were left free-floating at the mercy of the gale, like a feather in the breeze. Onlookers watched in horror as the screaming girls headed straight for an apartment building. They crashed into a balcony, ricocheted onto another building, bounced onto some power-lines then slammed into a parking lot, shattering a windshield upon landing. Sidney suffered a cracked vertebrae and some brain trauma that has led to permanent vision impairment. Alex broke her back, had head trauma and suffered serious lacerations. The incident sparked outrage over lax safety regulations for water sports companies.