You Could Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes With These 100% Natural Alternatives

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natural alternatives treat diabetesDid you know that, in 2014, over 9% of the global adult population of the world was diagnosed with some form of diabetes?

Which, according to the consensus of modern medicine, means that all these millions of people are condemned to a lifetime of managing their insulin levels.

But before you start learning about how a holistic diet and lifestyle can help you, or anyone of your loved ones, manage this, we need to talk about diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus to be specific, is a group of chronic metabolic diseases that inhibit your pancreas ability to produce insulin (the hormone that regulates your blood sugar level) or cause your body to be completely unaffected by the insulin it produces.

If left completely untreated, this disease can cause long-term health complications that can severely reduce your overall quality of life. This is especially important in the latter stages of your life when minor problems are exacerbated exponentially.

Chief amongst these are increased chances of suffering a stroke, heart disease, reduced flow in your blood vessels, foot ulcers (with their inherent risks of amputation), neuropathy, kidney failure, and even cause blindness.

Different Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is defined by your bodys inability to produce the necessary amount of insulin. Symptoms include feeling constantly hungry and thirsty, fatigue, and changes in your vision.

Traditionally, Type 1 Diabetes will require daily dose of insulin via pump to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Type 2, the most common form of diabetes that affects up to 90% of people with diabetes, affects your body in a different manner. It will render the insulin your body produces completely useless.

Fortunately, we know you can prevent Type 2 diabetes by having a healthy diet and having at least thirty minutes of exercise per week.

Type 1 however, is particularly problematic because its causes are unknown and its treatment has turned into the model of profit-based medicine.

And in order to protect these financial interests, traditional modern medicine will have you believe that there are no other ways to help alleviate Type 1 diabetes.

However, there are some natural alternatives that could potentially help you reduce the symptoms and dangers of Type 1 diabetes.

4 Natural Ways That Could Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes:

  • Kalanchoe Laetivirens

This distinctively looking herb (which is currently gracing this post), originates from the Americas and its familiar variations have been used in traditional communal medicine to help mitigate the effects of diabetes mellitus and urinary complications.

However, studies are still entirely non-definitive. Use this herb as a complementary treatment in addition to what your physician recommends.

  • Honey

Besides being the best natural alternative for sugar, raw organic honey is a wonderful immune system booster. But when it comes to Type 1 diabetes it might be able to help out with your metabolic cells regrowth rate, thus helping you manage this disease with increased efficiency.

  • Avocado

To be precise, its the seed extract you should be looking for. Why? Because studies demonstrate that this extract has proven to naturally reduce blood sugar levels in rats.

Best of all, avocado is still an amazing source of protein.

  • Flaxseed

Linun usitassium, one of flaxseeds compounds, has proved to be a particularly effective way to make sure your liver uses insulin efficiently, reduces your blood sugar levels, and slows down the rate glucose is accumulated in your muscles.
With these, you’ll be able to naturally compliment your recommended medical treatment to improve its results.


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