You will laugh at these differences between moms and dads

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I will preface this by saying its all in good fun, but you will laugh at these differences between moms and dads when it comes to parenting children. Dads have their points for sure, but they definitely dont do things like moms do. Most of the time dads are more fun, more silly, and way less worried about danger than moms are. I know that is definitely the case with my husband. I trust him completely to take care of the kids, but kind of always expect some sort of injury when I get back. If not that, then something like cookies for dinner. These pictures at Diply.com show some of the other differences between mom caring for a child and dad caring for a child! Lets check them out! One picture shows mom giving baby a loving, soothing bath. Probably full of love and gazes, soft touches and soft singing. Dads bath looks much more fun with bubble hair! There was probably singing done with this bath as well! One graph really shows it all, kids come to moms for every question or issue under the sun, whether it be hunger, thirst or boredom. They go to dad mainly to find out where mom is! I also love the one that details what happens when mom says shes going to bed versus dad. Dad simply go to bed. Moms will do last-minute chores and possibly a to do list for tomorrows chores first! I really did laugh out loud when I saw the different Halloween costumes! Mom dressed her sweet little angel in a princess costume, well dads charge was dressed as Hannibal Lecter strapped to the gurney for transport! Facemask it all! Haha! I can definitely attest to the fact that sometimes, as mothers, we see much more danger and how happy place with the kids in there actually is. We cant help it, its in our nature. The one with dad throwing the kid in the air explains it perfectly! Im sure we all have noticed differences between moms and dads, but the beauty of it is kids love us all and we are all awesome!

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copyrights: http://diply.com/creative-unusual/mom-dad-different-lives/141536

copyrights: http://diply.com/creative-unusual/mom-dad-different-lives/141536

These pictures at Diply.com